Policies & Procedures

This page is a repository of all policies and procedures within the Division of Student Affairs which pertain to student related functions and activities.

The Student Affairs Policies housed on this site are subject to and drafted to comply with Florida Atlantic University Regulations and Policies, which can be found at University Regulations and Policies | Florida Atlantic University (fau.edu). In the event of any inconsistency between these Student Affairs Policies and University Regulations or Policies, the applicable University Regulation and/or Policy will control.

Military And Veterans Student Success Center

Sexual Assault Prevention by Vector Solutions

All incoming first year, transfer, and graduate ֱ are required to complete "Sexual Assault Prevention" by Vector by their first month at Florida Atlantic. Sexual Assault Prevention by Vector Solutions is an online training that addresses issues related to sexual misconduct prevention and provides important information regarding FAU policies and available resources.

Failure to complete the program will result in a Campus SaVE Act (CS) registration hold remaining unsatisfied and it will prevent course registration for future semesters. Training completion is required to remove the registration hold. Holds are lifted automatically the hour after completing the program.

Students will receive an email from Vector Solutions with a link to login to the training. In addition, the program can be accessed by going to and logging in with your FAU NET ID and password.

Information to have the hold removed: fau.edu/owlscare/cs
For questions regarding Sexual Assault Prevention by Vector Solutions please contact wellness@fau.edu or 561-297-1048.

Fit First-Year Student Success Series

Fit First-Year online trainings are designed to help ֱ with their transition or return to Florida Atlantic. Areas that may present challenges revolve around substance use, personal health, safety, and finances. Additionally, early career preparation and planning is essential.

Florida Atlantic offers these trainings to comply with the FAU, State of Florida, and Federal requirements. Not completing modules may result in your inability to register for classes for an upcoming semester. More information and access to the training may at and at fau.edu/healthwellness/fitfirstyear.