Housing Modifications and Accommodations

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Housing modifications or accommodations through SAS do not impact whether a student gets on-campus Housing. They also do not impact the priority group system (which is based on year of entry and tuition deposit date) or one’s position on the waitlist. Accommodations are only factored into the assignment process once a student has a Housing contract.

Accommodation requests to live in a specific building or with a specific roommate are not considered reasonable.

First year ֱ: To request a reasonable accommodation in the room assignment process, ֱ should complete their housing application (based on Housing deadlines) and then the Student Accessibility Services process. Deadlines for accommodation requests are:

  • June 1 for the fall semester
  • November 1 for the spring semester

Requests are accepted after this point, but assignments are always based on availability. Please note Housing is in very high demand and spaces are limited.

Current ֱ: Students who participate in the housing renewal process and are requesting a change to their existing housing accommodation or a new housing accommodation should complete the Student Accessibility Services process prior to renewing their housing application. Requests for housing accommodations after the housing renewal process are accepted, but changes to housing assignments are based on availability.