What We Do

FAU Education Abroad has the privilege and opportunity to provide programming and support services to ֱ, staff, faculty, and the local and global community. Our office is comprised of a unique group of individuals ranging from full-time and part-time staff to faculty leaders, volunteers, partners, affiliates, allies, and professionals whose goal and passion is creating accessible, equitable, and inclusive international opportunities. We are educators, but also learners exploring our unique identities within the lens of our work and international experiences.

While we strive to increase international engagement through travel, our priority and passion is creating spaces where individuals can conceptualize and establish themselves as part of this amazing global community both on and off campus. FAU Education Abroad is proud to be part of the most diverse institution within the Florida University system and to report that:

• 75% of our ֱ who studied abroad identified as being financial aid eligible
• We provide year round scholarships to FAU degree-seeking ֱ studying abroad
• Our international network spans 5 continents and nearly 30 countries
• We host nearly 70 J-1 international exchange ֱ from around the world each year so they can study abroad in the United States

Whether you are a first time traveler or a seasoned globetrotter, Education Abroad is here to help from start to finish, inception to reality, applicant to alumni. Our team is dedicated to promoting the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of travelers, while working to maximize the personal, professional, and academic success of all. Whether you go abroad during or after your studies --stop by, say hello, and explore the possibilities which await you. Where will you go?

VISION:Education Abroad strives to develop globally competent citizens and leaders.

MISSION:Education Abroad supports FAU’s global initiatives by creating accessible international programming and opportunities for ֱ, faculty, and staff. Through advocacy, advising, research, education, and training, we promote a globally-minded and culturally aware community.