International Health & Travel Insurance

FAU considers the safety and security of its travelers a top priority. All ֱ and accompanying faculty leaders that are traveling as part of an FAU-approved study abroad program or university-related student travel abroad arerequiredto purchase the FAU-approved international health and travel insurance coverage.This comprehensive insurance ensures that student travelers and faculty leaders are able to affordable access important medical and emergency support services while abroad such as doctor and hospital visits,travel assistance, security evacuation, repatriation of remains, emergency medical reunion, and more. While there may be affordable healthcare in-country, the additional support services provided in this insurance, as required by many schools nationwide, protect travelers for a variety of emergency and non-emergency events.

The FAU-approved international insurance coverage is sponsored by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) and administered through the Education Abroad office.


FAU Faculty-led Study Abroad - Students participating on on an FAU Faculty-led Study Abroad program are automatically enrolled in the FAU-CISI insurance policy for official program dates. The cost of the insurance is included in the ֱ FAU Faculty-led Student Abroad program fee. Students will receive an email from Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) at least one week prior to their study abroad program start date. The email will include full details of the current policy, insurance card, and resources. The 2024 policy for FAU study abroad ֱ can be found here.

Exchange, Third-Party Provider, or Direct Enroll Study Abroad ֱs - Students participating on on an FAU Education Abroad approved exchange program, third-party provider program, or direct enroll study abroad program will self-enroll and pay for the FAU-CISI insurance policy for official program dates. The cost of the FAU-CISI insurance is NOT included in the ֱ study abroad. If the program a student is participating on requires or includes a seperate insurance coverage, the student should talk to the FAU Education Abroad team regarding this. FAU Education Abroad will provide the approved study abroad student the correct link to self-enroll in FAU-CISI coverage prior to the ֱ program start date. Once a student enrolls, the student will receive full details of the current policy, insurance card, and resources via email. The 2024 policy for FAU study abroad ֱ can be found here.

University-Related International Travel - FAU faculty and staff approved to lead study abroad programs are automatically enrolled in the FAU-CISI insurance policy for official program dates. Students participating in an FAU Faculty-led Study Abroad program will be automatically Unless otherwise included in a study abroad or student program fee paid directly to the Education Abroad office, ֱ will be billed directly and responsible for paying the insurance plan. Current CISI travel insurance rates are as follows (please note that rates are subject to change annually):

CISI for FAU Students

  • 14 days or less - $30.15
  • 15 days to 31 days (1 month) - $47.21 (applies to program longer than 2 weeks)
  • 32 days to 42 days (6 weeks) - $72.52
  • Multiple Months - $47.21 X number of months abroad

CISI for FAU Faculty and Staff

Upon university approval of international business travel, faculty and staff must register for insurance coverage.

To request insurance coverage, email the Education Abroad department at:

Request should be submitted as early as possible but no later than 14 business days prior to international departure date. Once request for insurance is received, Education Abroad will send the approved travel and/or department of traveler an invoice within 2-4 business days. The invoice will include the total amount owed and the link to pay through the university's Marketplace.

Current CISI faculty/staff insurance costs are as follows:

  • Medical coverage: $60.01 per month

Once insurance payment is received via program fees or directly from the student, Education Abroad will process the payment and then register ֱ in the FAU CISI insurance plan for the duration of official programming/activities.Students CANNOT purchase the general student insurance plan directly from CISI. CISI directly sends ֱ an electronic copy of their insurance card and additional information to theirFAU email account.Students will then be able to use this information create an online account throughCISI where they can access an additional copy of their insurance card, claim forms, details on coverage, and other relevant materials. Participants are also encouraged to download the as well for a mobile-friendly option.

We are also highly recommending that participants purchase travel protections for their academic travel. Coverage options can be found on the which also includes benefit information for Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR).

Click on the following icon to view full the FAU CISI plan coverage and benefits:

Exceptions & Extensions

While ֱ travelers are welcomed to purchase additional supplement insurance for travel abroad, domestic or other travel insurance plans outside of CISI donotmeet the FAU-approved international travel insurance requirements. In the event that a study abroad student is required to purchase a comparable insurance plan through CISI as part of a non-FAU study abroad program, they may petition to the Education Abroad office for an exemption. Exemptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis andonlyfor study abroad ֱ registering in an equivalent or better CISI student travel insurance plan.

Please note that ֱ and faculty leaders willonlybe covered for the duration of official program activities or business purposes. Vacation travel is NOT covered. Should a student or faculty leader wish to extend their CISI insurance plan, they should contact CISI insurance directly once they have been registered in the FAU plan and received a copy of their CISI insurance card.