In order to help ensure the safety and well being of FAU ֱ, faculty, and employees , the Office of the Provost, in conjunction with Education Abroad created the FAU Education Abroad Safety and Security Committee (the “Committee”) which will be expanding in 2018-2019 to become the university-wide FAU Global Travel Safety & Security Committee. The Committee advisesEducation Abroadand the University on best practices in the areas of student safety and security for travel abroad. The Committee also reviews petitions for FAU approved study abroad programming and university-related student individual and group travel in locations of high risk. The Committee will consider exceptions to the general prohibition based on a careful review of the safety and related features of the program under review, and the academic need and merits of the program or activity being proposed. Such exemptions may be granted only when petitioned by University program leaders or organizers. The Committee will also deliberate on the suspension of any approved program in locations and any other location where there may be an FAU program or affiliation, when world conditions alter the safety and security assessment of a program. Committee recommendations will be advisory to the Provost who will decide if an exemption should be granted or a program suspended. In emergent circumstances, when time does not permit a full committee meeting, the Provost may act independently or upon a recommendation ofEducation Abroad.

2019 - 2020 Committee

Director, Education Abroad

Madison McShane

Executive Director, Center for Global Engagement

Mihaela Metianu

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Larry Faerman

Associate General Counsel, Office of the Legal Counsel

Daniel Jones

Director, Student Health Services

LeAnn Gutierrez

Risk Manager, Environmental Health & Safety

Arnie Harrison

Ombudsman, Administrative Affairs

Angella Wint

Associate Dean/Professor, College of Business

Rupert Rhodd

Chief, FAU Police

Sean Brammer

Coordinator of Clinical ֱs, Counseling & Psychological Services

Lucinda Bratini