Exchange ֱs are among the most immersive and affordable experiences FAU has to offer. Students spend an entire semester or academic year attending one of FAU's reciprocal exchange partner schools. Students participating in an exchange program are registered through FAU and pay FAU tuition while studying at the institution abroad and earning credits toward their degree. Coursework is available in a wide range of subjects, including business, engineering, science, architecture, humanities, social sciences and more. Most courses are offered in English but ֱ may have the opportunity to take courses in the local language. In most cases, ֱ are integrated into classes with local ֱ and truly get a taste for living in their host country.

Benefits include:

  • Credits earned count towards residency hours at FAU

  • Extensive course catalogs available, open to all majors

  • Pay FAU tuition (in-state/out-of-state rates apply) for credits and cost of instruction

  • Control over your housing situation abroad (though we recommend using the accommodations suggested by the host school)

  • Much of your FAU financial aid award package can travel with you—but meet with a financial aid advisor to go over your specific award package

  • Integration with local ֱ and faculty member

  • Extended period of study abroad

Exchange programs are competitive as the number of ֱ FAU can send abroad on an exchange program is limited to the number of ֱ we receive from a particular program. Students are encouraged to begin planning well in advance by meeting with a Study Abroad Advisor and Academic Advisor to make sure they have room in their academic plan for a full semester abroad.

Explore exchange program options and see the Advising & Appointments information to get started!

American Business School in Paris (ABS)

ֱ Advisor: Brendan Richardson

Courses: Business
Language of Instruction: English

ֱ Advisor: Brendan Richardson


3.0 overall minimum GPA required
Courses: Business
Fall Sample Courses - ,
Language of Instruction: English
Accommodation: On-campus at Lille, Off-campus at Nice
ֱ Advisor: Brendan Richardson