Essential Personnel ֱ

This program is governed by University Policy 1.14 (Emergency Management)and the Essential Personnel ֱ Policy.In the event of severe weather conditions or emergency situations, the University may suspend operations and/or cancel classes in whole or part. If this occurs, all units and employees deemed essential must remain at or report to their campuses as soon as conditions reasonably permit. During an emergency, Essential units and personnel provide services that relate directly to the health, safety, and welfare of the University, ensure continuity of critical/essential operations and functions, and maintain and protect University assets. The designation of essential depends on an employee’s duties as well as the circumstances for suspension of operations.

Example 1:
Buildings and Grounds employee. This employee will be essential for securing loose items on campus grounds, trimming trees and collecting and removing debris with regards to tropical cyclone preparation, response and recovery.

Example 2:
An employee with a deadline responsibility. This employee may have the responsibility to perform a certain task on a certain day, such as payroll/timekeeping input. On the day this task must be performed, the employee may be essential. However, on any other day, the employee may not be essential.

Example 3:
University Police. This employee may be essential in all cases to ensure safety and protect life.

Questions regarding the Essential Personnel program should be directed to the appropriate Dean or Director or to the Department of Human Resources.

How to Add/Remove Essential Personnel Status to an Employee

  1. Log into Workday
  2. Locate the job aids icon on the home screen
  3. Under the HR(HCM) Area of Focus locate the “ Workday Job Aid for Essential Personnel - New Version 4-15-19" Job aid and follow the instructions provided.


Training is required for all Essential Personnel and their Supervisors. This includes contracted service providers. Personnel must complete the appropriate training within 60 days of hire or transfer into a role designated as an essential person. Supervisors of designated personnel must complete training within 30 days. Training is to be completed in Canvas and will be tracked on the Career tab in Workday.

Essential Personnel Training for Designated Employees:

Training for Supervisors of Essential Personnel:

Additional information regarding Contracted Service Providers