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FAQs (All Users)

What is BizLibrary?

BizLibrary is an e-learning platform designed to help employees achieve their personal and professional development goals. It provides an opportunity to reskill and upskill employees while providing them with new opportunities to learn and grow. BizLibrary makes learning engaging, impactful and convenient.

  • With a user-friendly interface as well as training curricula and modules, employees can easily track their progress and review their completed modules.
  • There is a wealth of courses which are tailored to employee training and development and engage employee at all levels.
  • The training library contains thousands of micro-learning videos, video courses, interactive videos and eLearning courses covering a wide variety of topics. The library also includes additional support materials to further increase learning retention.
Why did Florida Atlantic University partner with BizLibrary?

FAU will utilize BizLibary as its primary learning platform for all full-time employees. As the main learning platform, employees will have a “one-stop-shop” to quickly view required and recommended trainings, including tracking their progress towards completion.

What’s the difference between BizLibrary and LinkedIn Learning, and especially here at FAU?

LinkedIn Learning and BizLibrary are both online platforms that offer training and educational resources, but there are key differences.

  • Access and Usage: BizLibrary is only accessible to full-time employees and is intended to manage and track employee trainings. In addition, BizLibrary will enable supervisors to set employee training needs and/or development opportunities where additional skillsets may be required, in cases for employee developmental needs, promotion, or progression. LinkedIn Learning is accessible to all employees and ֱ and is an additional resource for online learning modules or trainings.
  • Content Focus: LinkedIn Learning primarily targets individual professionals and businesses seeking to develop skills in business, technology, and creative fields through expert-led course videos. In contrast, BizLibrary specializes in providing tailored employee training solutions for organizations, covering areas such as compliance, leadership, and soft skills development.
  • Content Format: While LinkedIn Learning offers a broad range of courses delivered primarily through video content, BizLibrary offers diverse learning formats including micro-learning videos, interactive courses, and eLearning materials to accommodate different learning preferences and supervisors are able track progress of their respective teams.
What’s Owlsley’s Classroom?

BizLibrary @ FAU is called “Owlsley’s Classroom.” This is your landing or home page when you sign on.

How do I sign on to Owlsley’s Classroom?

You will access Owlsley’s Classroom via Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication. Please see link below.

How will I be receiving information regarding my assigned trainings?

You will be receiving emails from

What is a Learning Initiative (LI)?

A Learning Initiative is a series of assignments curated for employees and supervisors by Human Resources – Employee Relations & Development (ER).

Learning Initiatives are content bundles closely representing learning tracks. Within each Learning Initiative, an administrator can create multiple stages (or phases) which contain a set of courses. Additionally, a Learning Initiative can be configured to reset at specific intervals (annually, monthly, etc.) depending on the requirements of your training regimen. Organizations utilize this feature to build curriculums for areas such as onboarding, new manager training, or annual compliance training.

What is an assignment?

Assignments are used to require learners and teams to engage with individual content items on a specific timeline. One-off assignments can be made to a single Learner or to a Team. Individual assignments allow for the administrator to assign a due date and easily track the completion of the learner's assignment.

What is a playlist?

A playlist is a way for learners to bookmark or save content in a specified area to review later. Learners are able to add or remove content from the playlist at any time. Learners can access their playlists from the homepage or the Playlists tab under My Learning.

What is a Team playlist?

A team playlist is recommendation of training modules by human resources or your respective departments. Playlists are a great way to provide Teams and learners with recommended content, without making it a required assignment. Multiple playlists may be created for each team, and up to 30 courses can be added to each. Teams can utilize featured playlists to highlight content for monthly topics, ongoing reminders, or content that will need to be accessed frequently.

Where do I locate my assigned courses?

To access a full list of your assigned courses, select My Learning from your main menu drop-down. Once you’ve accessed the My Learning screen, select the Assignments tab. Please see below for the common course statuses and their meanings.

Can I search for content within the library?

Yes, you can search for content and can browse by topic and format.

What is the completion criteria for a lesson (with or without a quiz)?

80% or better on the quiz or without a quiz watching the video until the end.

Do all courses contain a final quiz?

No, not all courses contain a final quiz.

Is there a passing score?

Yes, 80% for items with a quiz.

Is there a limit on the number of attempts on the quiz?

No, there is no limit on the number of attempts.

How do I ask for assistance?

If you need any further assistance, please reach out to Employee Relations & Development at

For supervisors:
We have a ticket system available for any support you may require. Please see link below:

Are these trainings mandatory?
No. Though it is not mandatory, we highly encourage all employees to complete the learning initiatives at their own pace.

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FAQs for Supervisors

As a supervisor, can I assign content to my team members?

As this is a new training tool, we want supervisors to familiarize themselves with the system and content as a user first and to reach out to employee relations and development for any content assignments.

I have an employee who could benefit from some communication modules, can I assign the training that I believe would be beneficial to the employee?

Consult with Employee Relations & Development regarding the necessity of a training resource or when the training is related to HR matters such as disciplinary issues or upskilling related to employee performance. Any such training must be in consultation with employee relations & development. Appropriate training materials will be recommended.

Can I create Learning Initiatives (LI) for my team?

Only the Administrators (HR) have access to create learning initiatives. Please work with Employee Relations to develop learning initiatives for your team.

Submit a ticket for help here: .

Can I track progress and completion of my team?

Yes, you can track progress and completion status of your team.

Are these trainings mandatory?
No. Though it is not mandatory, we highly encourage all employees to complete the learning initiatives at their own pace.

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If you need any further assistance, please reach out to Employee Relations & Development at