Damage Assessment and Reporting

Immediately following, and even while a disaster or major emergency is occurring on any FAU campus or site, it is important to quickly, safely and as accurately as possible, assess the damages and impacts. Timely damage assessment gives important information to the Emergency Operations Center and those involved in emergency response and recovery to provide support and resources to areas of most need within the campus/University.

Based on the assessment, it can be quickly determined whether the disaster event and resultant damage exceeds the capacity of available unit and/or university resources. This documentation and reporting also provides the means for the University to recoup losses should they qualify for reimbursement through FEMA.

Whether you are a member of a damage assessment team for your unit: college/division or for the University, it is important to remember to collect, document and report all information. A picture is worth a thousand words – provide as much photographs as you can to support your claims.

It is advisable that units keep track of key resources, equipment and supplies, or have invoices with easy access to determine cost. Purchases can also be tracked through the Purchasing Department.

Reporting Damage:

All completed damage assessment forms and associated photos should be emailed to reportdamage@fau.edu, be sure to label photos accordingly.

Damage Assessment Forms:

For all EMERGENCY CALLS dial 9-1-1


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