University Emergency Plans

The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Florida Atlantic University has an extensive emergency management plan portfolio. The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) - Basic Planserves as the overarching emergency plan and provides the framework and guidance throughout all five phases of emergency management. The goal is to coordinate university resources to prepare for and prevent potential emergencies whenever possible, and deal efficiently with the effects of these events when they do occur; to respond to save and protect lives and protect infrastructure, resources and the environment; and to promote a means to recover and resume normal operations and continue critical functions and essential services of the University. In all of these efforts, the University will continue to mitigate as many hazards as possible to promote a disaster resilient community.

CEMP Annexes

The CEMP is complemented by several types of plans thatfurtherdescribe the specific or unique courses of action that University units and external partner agencies may take involving particular threats and hazards that affect the University. These annexes are based on special requirements not common to other hazards/threats or the addressed in the Emergency Support Function Annex to perform the function adequately in the face of a particular high-priority hazard/threat, and on regulatory considerations that may require extensive, detailed planning that is inappropriate for inclusion in the ESF Annex.

Unit Plans

Unit emergency planning is vital to the ability of the University units to effectively respond to and recover from emergency events. The University has integrated a comprehensive unit-specific planning picture. Included is a Unit Emergency Response Plan and a Unit Continuity of Operations Plan. Please visit the Unit Planning Pageto access unit planning guidance documents, unit plan templates, to submit your completed plans, as well as to view more information or request assistance.

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