Unit Assessment

Unit Assessment ֱ

The Department of Emergency Management complements Unit Emergency Planning by offering Unit Assessments.

The Unit Assessment ֱ is designed around best practices and is used by Florida Atlantic University’s Department of Emergency Management to assess the readiness and emergency program level for unit-level programming elements. This Unit Assessment ֱ assesses core areas for effective, intentional, and comprehensive unit-level emergency programming. These programmatic elements serve to build, sustain, and elevate unit-level readiness. The effectiveness of core areas, and the units in which they are embedded, are measured and mapped. The process for developing categorical ratings follows various research and models that are centered around process on a numerical scale.

These sessions assess:

  • Facility and unit layout and design

  • Operations, occupancy, and procedures

  • Unit personnel special skills and abilities

  • Unit-specific inter/intra-dependencies

Request an Unit Assessment

Due to its extensive nature, Unit Assessments require a time commitment of 60 to 90 minutes. Units can request an Unit Assessment here: .

Please refer any questions regarding Unit Assessments to em@fau.edu.

For all EMERGENCY CALLS dial 9-1-1


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