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Transient Process

FAU Transient Students are ֱ that are seeking a degree at FAU and would like to take courses at another Florida public institution on a temporary basis. Upon matriculation at FAU, undergraduate ֱ are expected to take courses required for the degree in residence at FAU. Students may take courses elsewhere if certain conditions are met. To take courses elsewhere, ֱ must obtain advisor approval in advance and follow the transient process.

Requirements & Policies

  • Students must complete PART 1 and PART 2 (FloridaShines) of the Transient Process.
  • Students must await final approval before registering for the course(s).
    • Although ֱ may receive approval in PART 1, they may not receive approval in PART 2 if the course(s) are not in line with degree requirements and advisor recommendations
    • Courses taken without approval may not be accepted by FAU to meet University or major requirements
  • Courses taken at a two-year college will not count towards the nine-hour summer enrollment requirement.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to request an official transcript be sent from the Transient Institution to FAU’s Registrar Office after completion of the course


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