Go Green Initiative

FAU is strongly committed to helping out our environment. Parking and Transportation Services Office has incorporated many programs that can help reduce carbon emission. Please check out the list below to see the many services we offer.

Electric Car parking Spot


Students, Faculty and Staff can now take advantage of reserved carpool parking spots after obtaining a Carpool Permit. Click here to learn more.

Shuttle Bus (Owl Express)

Parking and Transportation Services provides a free on-campus shuttle service designed to help move people quickly around campus.

Shuttle schedule can be found here.

Electric Powered Vehicles

The Parking and Transportation Services Office offers select charging spaces to individuals who drive Alternate Powered Vehicles to campus.

For purposes of enforcement, an Electric Powered Vehicle is defined as a vehicle that is solely powered by an electric motor. Please note that hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles do not qualify as Electric Powered Vehicles under this definition.

EV Charging Space Locations

Our charging locations employ a mix of J1772 and Tesla connectors. If you are not able to use these connector types, you will need to use an adapter to utilize our chargers.

Boca Raton Campus:

Lot 1 - 5 spaces

Lot 33 - 2 spaces

Lot 36 - 2 spaces

Lot 96S - 5 spaces

Jupiter Campus:

Lot 74 - 2 spaces

Davie Campus:

J Lot - 2 spaces

These spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week and require a valid FAU e-Permit (faculty, staff, and ֱ only) or an active ParkMobile parking session (visitors). Other vehicles that park in these spaces are subject to being fined and/or towed at the owner's expense. No back-in parking; vehicles must be parked nose in at all times. For more information please see the rules and regulations here.

Tri-Rail Shuttle (Route 94)

There is now a shuttle that runs directly between the Tri-Rail station at Yamato Road and FAU. The shuttle runs every 20 minutes from 6:45 am - 9:00 pm and is a short 10 minute ride. Please to be connected to the Palm Tran website for the full schedule and route map.