Financial Aid Disbursement Estimator

The financial aid disbursement estimatoris designed as a tool to help you determine what you need to pay the University and represents only an ESTIMATE of what financial aid may disburse based on your enrollment and offer status now. At the time of the actual disbursement process, where appropriate for individual offers, items such as residency, grade level, satisfactory academic progress, unmet need, and/or loan entrance or promissory note requirements may effect if the individual offers disburse or not. Also, at the time of actual disbursements, other charges or credits to your account not displayed now (such as Housing, Meal Plans, parking or library fines, Florida Prepaid, and Matriculation waivers) may be applied to your account.

NOTE: The disbursement estimate provided using this calculator does not represent a final determination of financial aid disbursements; it is an estimate based on your enrollment and offer status now . The disbursement estimates and Term Balance displayed on this page shall not be binding on Florida Atlantic University.

STEP 1: Access Financial Aid section of FAU Self-Service via MYFAU

Method 1:

  1. Sign into with your FAU credentials
  2. Click/tap the "Money Matters!" tile
  3. Click/tap the "Your Financial Aid" tile to go directly to Financial Aid within FAU Self-Service

Method 2:

  1. Sign into with your FAU credentials
  2. Click/tap the "FAU Self-Service" tile to access FAU Self-Service
  3. Click/tap the "Financial Aid" tab to access Financial Aid within Self-Service

STEP 2: Accepting Offers within FAU Self-Service

  1. Click/tap the "Financial Aid Disbursement Estimator" tile
  2. Select the "Term"

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are receiving FL Prepaid, Waivers, or Federal Work Study, please be aware that these amounts are NOT calculated in your Total Estimated Disbursement Amount.

  • If your Total Estimated Financial Aid Disbursement Amount is greater than your Term Balance, you can expect to receive a credit to your student account (A refund).
  • If your Term Balance is greater than your Total Estimated Financial Aid Disbursement Amount, please calculate the difference and pay this amount by the last day to pay in order to avoid a late payment fee.