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Arthur and Emalie Gutterman Family Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education (CHHRE)

The Gutterman Family Center for Holocaust and Human Rights Education was established to prepare school district professionals and support staff to implement Florida Statute 1003:42: Required Instruction of the Holocaust, by providing professional learning opportunities. The Gutterman Center provides direct services to educators in Southeastern Florida by teaching the history of the Holocaust to combat prejudice, hatred and indifference; to apply the lessons of the Holocaust to understand the consequences of prejudice and bigotry; to identify behaviors that discriminate against people; to know when and how we on behalf of others whether we know them or not; and to become active citizens who are able to uphold the dignity of all people.


Sabotage Sabotage - A Film By Noa Aharoni
Tuesday, April 16, 2024 – Former FAU Living Room Theaters

Sabotage tells the dramatic unknown story of the women's operation in Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is a story of feminine heroism, resistance, and tragedy, told through the eyes of Anna Wajcblum Heilman, Estusia's sister and the youngest member of the women's resistance. Sponsored by High Ridge Country Club Foundation. Space is limited, reservations required here: coming soon! View the flyer

Gutterman Annual Educators ֱ Appreciation Dinner 2023